Month: August 2018

Signs That Your Sewer Drain Needs Drain Service Toronto

Is the sewer line backing up in your house? It is not a pleasant situation at all, particularly when you do not actually what to do or whom you want to call for help.  For several homeowners, it appears like it happens at the most inconvenient times.  At time, you might be able to anticipate the imminent danger and can take measures to prevent it.  However, at other times it turns out to be an emergency and you will have to take the help of drain service Toronto

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A sewer line back-up might be caused by waste and water coming back into the home, especially through the floor drain in lower level bathroom shower or toilet or basement. The sewage might not be able to exit the city sewer main due to a blockage in the sewer line which runs the house to it. Thus, it comes back into the house. It is an unpleasant and dirty and will cause significant damage to the property.

Thus, it is important to find out when you will require the help of drain service Toronto.


Warning Signs

At times, the sewer line might even backup without a warning. This is because the line has been clogging over a period of time and it is not being able to handle it anymore. Again, at other times, you will find a gurgling in the toilet and find waste or water near the floor drain.  You can hear funny sounds coming from the drain when you run the washing machine.

Washing machine might dump a lot of water down the drain at a quicker pace.  Thus, if you hear sounds in the drain when it runs, you will see water coming up through the drains.  It is highly likely there is a sewer line clog which is causing it. Turn of the washer and get in touch with a drain service Toronto for a drain cleaner prior to having water and waste coming back to your home.

Tips to Prevent a Sewer Back Up

One of the primary causes of sewer back up is the accumulation of tree roots in the sewer line.  Even though the tree roots are good enough for infiltrating sewer pipe joints when it grows in an uncontrolled manner.  It might also act like a strainer enabling water to pass through the growth while catching feminine products, paper, and other materials forming a greater clog.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you can opt for regular or preventive maintenance sewer cleaning from drain service Toronto.  The frequency rate of cleaning will depend on how many roots are going to impact the line.

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Reducing Damage

If you have noticed any signs of imminent sewer backup, call drain service Toronto in order to get preventive maintenance sewer drain cleaning.  A reputable company is going to offer a work guarantee which the line will not back up for a certain amount of time when it is cleared off the tree roots.

You will not be able to run water or even use the facilities during the time of sewer line back up. It is necessary to call an emergency plumbing service who can come to clean the line any time you want.  They understand the importance of getting the line cleared and will make sure that the problem is taken care of.